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October 15, 2011

The New Segregation

 I haven't posted much this month, because I've been preoccupied, and I'm delighted to have been preoccupied. Before the Occupy movement, all I did was try to write something good every now and again, get drunk, and wait for the sweet release of death. I've already documented my experience with the movement here and there, and my experiences waiting for the sweet release of death, but I haven't before documented the connection.

Everyone knows that something is not right in the U.S. As best illustrated in a Chappelle's show sketch and a an article written by Matt Taibbi, there is great inequality in our society. It's not only economic inequality, but justice inequality, and social inequality. Sometimes, when I like America and what it stands for, I remember that the United States is expressly(by some accounts) committed to Equal opportunity. And yet I see 2 separate and highly unequal systems in play.

Segregation is no longer racial. It's financial.

The Poor and the frightened face insurmountable obstacles, endless ridicule and review, and then cruel and unusual penalties. The Rich deal with inheritance money, cover-ups and sweeping under the rug of their actions, and then minor fines.

Even they know they're getting away with it.

As an American patriot and nationalist, don't you have to admit this system is completely backwards? Those who're poor and vulnerable should receive the unlimited opportunity and the reasonable doubt by jury and the minor fines. Those who're rich and impenetrable should receive the public's suspicion and the public's doubt and serious jail time.

Many in the occupy movement are calling for a separation of money from the political process. I think there should be a separation of money from everything.We can make this country into whatever we want. I prefer an America in which the prey is assumed to be the victim and the predator assumed to be the perpetrator.

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