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May 02, 2011

My Generation

[Not written by me. Written by a dude on a roll who wasn'nt trying to write.]
Technology and how things are "supposed" to be done changes at light speed.
The only companies who are major players just release the same product but add a few new features, combining familiarity with innovation.
Apple and Facebook, for example.
But the problem is that something else will come along just as fast as they did, and they will eat those companies alive.
There are people now who you can hire for your business to be "facebook experts". They "know" the ins and outs of facebook and can help get your business on track.
The problem is a few years ago it was myspace.
And before that it was AOL
And a few years from now it will be something else.
By keeping themselves locked in with familiarity, they are handcuffing themselves.
Big companies offer high R&D budgets, but they are nowhere near as nimble and adaptable, which is going to be all the more valuable.
The point is that all things, things that people identify with, are all going to change so fast that people won't think twice about looking back
Because as soon as you look back, you miss the present.
Meaning that people are going to be so into the new thing and the new way of life that looking backward into "the old way" becomes the way we look at myspace now.
Or pokemon cards.
Or saturday morning cartoons.
So I like my generation, because we know what it was like, just before we hit lightspeed; at the information age.

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