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April 28, 2012

A Complete Guide To Race

This is the worst thing I have ever read. From who I imagine the writer to be, to the comments section which is currently in an extra-national debate about the use and abuse of the word "Thug," I really hate it deep down in my heart. Not surprisingly, everyone else seems to enjoy it, or at least like it and repost it.

That's really what's going on right? Fuck me if I'm criticizing 'internet culture' presently but does anyone even read the articles anymore? Or do they, and you, and I, just look for articles/links that would reflect who we are and repost them? The headline is the key element for a repost and a like. I suspect people aren't reading the articles all the time.

"A Complete Guide to 'Hipster Racism'" is fucking PERFECT. By reposting it, everyone will know that you aren't a racist, hate 'hipsters,'(Don't worry, you're a different and unique kind of white young person, take no offense) and read lengthy thoughtful 'complete guides' to things in your freetime.

Or Do you? Because I can't conceive of reading the text of that article and, in good conscience, reposting it or even not taking the opportunity to be filled with anger and scorn for it's writer. Forgive me if I was pre-disposed to dislike it. Before I read it I read this negative review of HBO's 'Girls.' I still haven't watched the show, but It's currently making it's rounds on the internet for people to pile on with their hate and envy, which is understandable since most fellow white people are broke. This article and 'A Complete Guide' both referred to the same incident- HBO 'Girls' writer responding to criticism that the show's cast was mostly-white with the twitter post: “What really bothered me most about [the movie] Precious was that there was no representation of ME.”

Come on. That's funny. Of course, In the 'Hipster Racism' article it's cited as an example and in the negative review of 'Girls' it's described as "Vicious Racist Rhetoric." Seriously? What Planet are you people living on? People can't make jokes that express the reality that people have different skin colors? Even with no connotation or preconceptions mentioned? 

I'll tell you what planet I'm living on. I just watched 12 or so episodes of 'The Boondocks' on Youtube(which is now open for unlimited television piracy, it looks like, if you're interested) and I can tell you that Racism and Race is funny. Worlds colliding, in any sense, is not something to be policed. I hate to push that old 'political correctness gone out of control' line but I feel compelled to. If we notice our personal differences, recognize cultural differences, and tell the truth about them with great jokes and art- We Win. Because we laugh together. If we write long-winded probably amphetamine-induced articles about how post-racial and hipster-hating we are, like writer Lindy West did, we look like fools.

The most petty, silly, and telling accusation of 'Hipster Racism' in the article was: "Wide-eyed acoustic covers of hip-hop songs"[by white people]. Like a show, or a cartoon, or any art: music is made to sooth people's feelings and celebrate ourselves. White Musicians aren't covering hip hop songs because they hate blacks. They're doing it because it's amusing, it makes us feel good to listen to it, and they probably respect the artists. It's not exactly performing in blackface.

But what do I know? Consult with your African American studies professor before making up your mind.

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