Heed them.

April 26, 2012

Fuck The Confederacy

 Here's what I find so baffling about people proudly flying the Confederate flag today in the south and elsewhere: You guys lost. You were the only conquerors and colonizers to be conquered and colonized  in the long history of colonization. It's the most embarrassing loss imaginable. You picked a fight with 'the north' and the federal United States, now still one of the most powerful forces in the world, when it was at it's weakest. The north was a collection of puritans, Quakers and just one serious 'terrorist'/hero(John Brown) when you picked the fight, and you were a bunch of pseudo-loyalist aristocratic snobs who by design hadn't worked a day in your life. You were ransacked and burned to the ground for your troubles. You're welcome.

Say what you want about reconstruction. At least the trains could've run on time. If I have to give the post-civil-war-era south credit where credit is due, it's for it's sustained resistance to northern/federal presence. The founding of the Ku Klux Klan(later carried on by mid-westerners,) the ever-present state resistance, and the forming of the fake-populist 'tea-party' neo-confederate political coalition are truly Awesome. That is, in the biblical sense of the term; so unbelievable they're worthy of Awe. Is that why Southerners justify flying the confederate flag today by announcing their own non-specific "spirit of rebellion" and "southern heritage"?

Your spirit of rebellion was crushed. Your southern heritage is disgusting. You are sore losers plain and simple. Instead of moving on to assimilate, learn, and contribute to The(Not "These") United States you're a constant force trying to drag down the rest of us. Back into Slavery. Back into the Dark Ages. Back into our shit-throwing Primacy. Every debt-ceiling-raising 'crisis,' every anti-womens-rights law passed; you count as a victory today. When actually you have lost so spectacularly it's ludicrous. What was once armed rebellion against the Federal government is now lobbyist-backed bickering over Gonad Politics.

Union General Tecumseh's Total War doctrine was more total than even he imagined.When I see a confederate flag, I am reminded of the military, social and cultural defeat of the confederacy.  Its stars and bars should be an oddity in a museum and an embarrassment.


  1. Damn straight! All the revisionist noise over their "Lost Cause" and "brilliant strategists" is just plain wrong. Their Cause was vile, their strategists were idiots, and they should be on their knees every day thanking the Union for not going full Roman on their cracker asses.

  2. Fuck there jagged teeth looking asses, hillbillies, lazy slave owners. Instead of having slaves, yalls lazy asses should get the FUCK UP, WIPE YOUR FUCKING ASS. AND GET OUT THERE IN THE FIELDS.

  3. Here here! Piece of shit traitors! We should have hung all the Southern leaders

  4. Nice to see this. I have to read a lot of neo-Confederate BS on discussion boards. You summed up the reality beautifully.

  5. Nice to see this. I have to read a lot of neo-Confederate BS on discussion boards. You summed up the reality beautifully.