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April 16, 2011

Go Left!

"We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times ... and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK," - Barrack Obama, May 2008

"YES WE CAN!" - King Cobe, Now

I never liked Obama. Initially because of the anti-intellectual poverty pimping he did during his campaign which he clearly didn't believe himself. And because people thought he was a progressive, when he clearly wasn't, though I guess that's not his fault.

His statement was implying that the average American lives a a life of excess, and that it's not 'OK'. Have you been living a life of unbridled excess and abundance since 'OG' Bush took office? I'd really like to hear about it, because I don't remember that period of prosperity myself. Oh wait, if you're these guys, you've probably been having a blast.

So how surprising is it that Barrack & Congress are telling Americans that we're ALL responsible for the economic conditions that the USA is in? And that we're ALL going to have to chip in to fix it through the cutting of essential government programs? Unfortunately, not so surprising.

I can't believe my ears when I listen to NPR(bad habit) and hear 'ave joes' buy this shit; that we need to 'cut back', EVERY ONE of us. Why? How did I contribute to the economic meltdown circa 2007-2008? I expect the government to lie to us, but I'm still shocked that Americans are willing to lie to themselves just as often. Instead of responding to the austerity measures and budget cutting with-

"Fuck you rich assholes, you fucked everything up!"

Even poor Americans are willing to take some of the blame. I almost wish Bush was still president, when no one believed a goddamn word he said, and always suspected he was up to something filthy. When Obama gives his speeches in a calm, soothing manner and feeds us folk-wisdom about 'paying our bills' and our excessive American lifestyle, even the astro-turfed tea party assholes swallow it whole.

If you don't think you 'deserve' to eat as much as you want, keep your home at 72 degrees at all times, and drive an SUV, then move to the Philippines. As I understand it, Americans have enough resources and have all worked hard enough to provide for everyone here. The only reason we aren't doing that is because we're being robbed and exploited by the rich who are telling us that we, personally(each and every one of us), owe money to china or some bullshit.

 I hope that my generation figures out that the best way to provide prosperity for the most people is Progressive politics. It's Leftism. It's everybody being taken care of, not every man for himself. There will be no Gulags and you can still 'get rich' if you're extremely lucky, but if not, there will be a safety net. There HAS to be some kind of backlash to the eradication of the gains made by labor and the poor last century.

But it won't happen for a long time, because I know you don't vote for anything but president, and won't until your mid-life crisis.

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